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    Now there is a food market. How old factories turned into modern urban spaces: the experience of New York and Copenhagen

    Clusters are urban spaces where very different venues coexist, from creative associations to cozy coffee houses and local stores. Sooner or later, they appear in all major cities. Often – through the efforts of local activists and developers, less often – being the projects of the city authorities. Clusters turn into places of attraction for […]

    Elon Musk believes that the theory of “wider roads encourage more car use” is a fabrication. Is that really so?

    Urbanists describe the theory of induced demand metaphorically: “Building roads to prevent congestion is like unraveling the belt after overeating so as not to be fat.” Elon Musk in 2019 had made another controversial claim on Twitter, calling induced demand “one of the most irrational theories.” This is a theory that the expansion and construction […]

    The Polish city will exempt residents of green homes from the tax

    Green walls and roofs are a great way to improve air quality; they protect the house from heat and wind, absorb excess moisture and reduce noise. In the Polish city of Kalisz, residents who plant greenery on the facade or roof of their house will be exempt from real estate tax. This decision was made […]

    Gig economy taxi services: traveling on Uber and Lyft is more harmful to the city than on the private car, the study said

    Decades ago, road sharing platforms Uber and Lyft, entering the market, claimed that their business would help reduce personal travel by car, unload city streets and even increase the use of public transport. But a new study by American scientists proves the opposite, according to Bloomberg CityLab. The researchers decided to study externalities, or “external […]

    Saudi Arabia celebrates World Cities Day

    Saudi Arabia is celebrating World Cities Day, strengthening cooperation between countries in addressing the challenges of urbanization in cities and creating awareness of the successes and challenges of urban sustainability. A UNGA resolution established World Cities Day on Dec. 27, 2013, setting Oct. 31 to promote and inspire action on the concept of sustainable urbanization. […]

    800 unfinished projects: a Chinese developer owed $ 300 billion

    Experts predict that China Evergrande Group will cease to exist in the near future. Six executives of the Chinese real estate giant China Evergrande Group, which owes more than$ 300 billion, have illegally sold their investments over the past four months, DW writes. “As of May 1, 2021, a total of 44 people, who were […]

    Colorful destinations: what to do in every season in Iran?
    20 Sep 2021

    If you think about traveling to Iran whenever the coronavirus is finally behind us, you might wonder what time of year is best. Iran is known for being a destination to fall in love with as its mesmerizing traditional architecture, serene deserts, jagged mountains, emerald jungles, and above all, its hospitable people. It is one […]

    Iraq plans new city next to the capital

    In order to find solutions to the chaos in Baghdad due to overpopulation, the Iraqi government plans to launch a new city next to the capital, Al-Monitor reports. The Iraqi Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi announced last week the start of work to build a new administrative city on the outskirts […]

    Light pollution: the argument for switching off lights at night

    The light pollution produced by street lamps, advertising boards, floodlights, and our homes is so harmful that 80% of the world’s population lives in the haze of a perpetual glow in the hours of darkness, BBC states. It started like any other day for Stephen Maciejewski. He woke up at 04:30, and by 05:30 he […]

    25 cities are responsible for more than half of the city’s greenhouse gases
    14 Jul 2021

    Only 25 cities, mostly Chinese, are responsible for more than half of greenhouse gases of urban origin, Reuters reports. In addition to Chinese cities, Moscow and Tokyo are among the biggest polluters. A group of Chinese scientists analyzed emissions from 167 cities in 53 countries and published the results in Frontiers in Sustainable Cities. Emissions […]