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    COVID-19: Adventure tourism spots get ready in Oman to open soon
    30 Aug 2021

    Oman’s ubiquitous mountain ranges, big and small that are favorites of many citizens and residents, are all set to find a prominent place in tourists’ map. Hiking trails have been developed throughout the Sultanate, and the beta version of the mountain trails application is ready and is currently undergoing technical evaluation before its official launch, […]

    Qatar natural wonders: brief introduction
    30 May 2021

    Qatar has its fair share of natural wonders! Whether you’re living here or just visiting, these top natural wonders are worth a break from the city and man-made attractions that Qatar has to offer. Plus, all of these do not need any entrance fee and are open 24/7! One caveat though is that there are […]

    Natural wonders of the Middle East you’ve got to see. Part I
    28 May 2021

    Let’s start a fascinating trip to the Gulf natural reserves. As you will see, the beauty is hidden not only in glass-and-concrete skyscrapers, but in the objects of nature. We’re thankful to Matadornetwork for this review. Jabal Qara Caves, Saudi Arabia The Al Hasa Oasis in the country’s Eastern Province is home to an area […]