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    Majarra and MIT Technology Review Arabia announce the winners of the 2021 Innovators Under 35 Awards

    Majarra and MIT Technology Review Arabia have announced the winners of the 4th Innovators Under 35 Awards. The awards honor young Arab innovators from around the world, showcasing their efforts in creating innovative solutions, Arab News reports. MIT Technology Review Arabia, along with 21 distinguished judges from various sectors including technology, AI, biology, medical, and […]

    Five breakthrough technologies of 2021, which gave humanity a chance to overcome incurable diseases

    Scientists and entrepreneurs told about the main achievements of life sciences in 2021 in the Chas News article. Let’s check it. *** (Imagine that you read the news headlines in… 20?? – Ecolife.). “Beijing, Moscow and Minsk were rocked by a wave of mass protests. The Eurasian Union authorities have obliged all citizens to undergo […]

    Endless pleasure implants. Will we trade our lives for brain stimulation?

    The first neurostimulators are already beginning to appear on the market: some show effectiveness in the treatment of depression, others heal sexual dysfunction. Fantastic stories about people whose mental state depends on electrical brain stimulation will become a reality within a few years. Futurism magazine discussed with experts what challenges await us when neuro implants […]

    Europe’s most invasive species identified – study

    Invasive species can wreak havoc on an ecosystem, as well as a region’s economy. In Europe, some of these invasive species are already affecting certain areas, and researchers have identified these species, including the golden apple snail that is putting the agricultural sector in the Ebro river basin at risk, as well as water hyacinths […]

    A 260-million-year old petrified tree stump on display at Oman’s museum

    The petrified rock is displayed at the Natural History Museum located in Al Khuwair’s Ministry District as a symbol of Oman’s history. A tree trunk of petrified wood 260 million years old is on exhibit at Oman’s Natural History Museum, placed right in front of the main gate, Gulf News states. Petrified wood is the […]

    The “sixth global extinction” has already begun, and its cause is humanity

    Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History,” was a “hit” in 2014 among the nature conservation community. The author received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction for the book in 2015. Its title will intrigue those unfamiliar with the most recent theories of mass extinction. Kolbert (born 1961) is an American journalist, author, […]

    In Siberia, scientists found a well-preserved body of a cave lion 28 thousand years old

    An international team of scientists claims to have found in Siberia, under a layer of permafrost, the extremely well-preserved body of a baby cave lion cub – so well that even its internal organs remained intact, NBC News reported. Scientists call lion cub Sparta, he was found in 2018 in Yakutia. This region is part […]

    Can cloning save animals from extinction?

    The number of species of animals on the Earth is decreasing. We have to remember it not only on World Wildlife Day (March, 3), but every day. Let’s check the Chas News compilation about how cloning can solve the situation. In a childhood, many people admired dinosaur pictures in books. Such powerful creatures had nothing […]