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    The penguin from Antarctica travelled to New Zealand – scientists explain it by the climate crisis
    04 Dec 2021

    A rare Adélie penguin swam to New Zealand, overcoming three thousand kilometers from its habitat – Antarctica. He was found on one of the beaches. These waterfowl nest exclusively off the coast of Antarctica, so it is almost impossible to see them anywhere else. Colonies of Adélie penguins were discovered in 1840. Scientists are concerned: […]

    A new temperature record was set in Antarctica. The last time was in 2015
    08 Jul 2021

    Scientists have confirmed that on February 6, 2020, a new temperature record was set at the Esperanza station on the Antarctic Peninsula. The Antarctic region is one of the hottest areas due to climate change. Measuring instruments showed +18.3° C. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the last time the record was set was […]

    National Geographic has acknowledged the existence of a fifth ocean and will begin mapping it to its maps

    For the first time since 1915, National Geographic will start marking the fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean, on its maps and infographics. These are waters around Antarctica up to 60 degrees south latitude, with the exception of the Drake Passage and the Scotia Sea. Anyone who thought the world had four oceans will now have […]