Staying in Qatar? Here are two fun activities for your summer vacation

    05 Aug 2021

    Here are fun things you can do to enjoy a memorable Eid holiday with family and friends. We’ve borrowed these tips of advice from Doha News.

    Now it’s midsummer in Qatar, and only those who live here know what this feels like – it’s pretty hot, and the heatwave can be unbearable.

    For those who have opted to stay in Qatar this summer, don’t worry; there are still plenty of things for you to do to stay entertained and enjoy your summer vacation.

    Venture through the desert

    This summer, staying in Qatar means you have full access and a unique opportunity to discover fun activities that are only available in the Arabian desert.

    One of the most popular activities among tourists and locals alike is a desert safari experience. A professional driver will take you on an adventure over the mountains of golden sand that can only be described as an Arabian roller coaster.

    If you are up to taking on a thrilling adventure, you can also check out sandboarding down a dune or even quad biking across the desert.

    For a more chilled-out experience, camel and horse riding is also available. We recommend heading to Sealine beach for those interested in desert experiences, where you can find all the aforementioned.

    If not the pool, definitely the beach

    Stepping out on a sunny day in Doha can be a real challenge, but if you’re heading to the beach, you won’t feel the heat for too long.

    One of the most incredible things about Qatar is the widespread availability of clean beaches and clear waters across the country, much of which allows access without the need for payments.

    We recommend heading up to the many beaches up north or even Sealine down south for those looking for an adventure. However, if you’d prefer a more organized beach day, consider one of the public beaches like Katara or Semaisma Family Beach.

    Either way, you can tan, chill and get all the vitamin sea you need.

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