SEA president inaugurates the solar energy systems project in Al Eslah Society, Bahrain

    14 Aug 2021

    President of the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA), Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza inaugurated the solar energy project in the main building of Al Eslah Society, in the presence of Board Chairman of Al Eslah Society, Dr. Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al-Shaikh.

    Dr. Mirza said that the project represents one of the national initiatives carried out by the society making it a model for facilities that contribute to achieving the national goals of Bahrain in renewable energy and energy efficiency, as 347 solar panels were installed to generate enough power to operate 67% of the building’s facilities.

    As BNA reports, the SEA president noted that the SEA seeks to make the Kingdom a center of excellence in clean energy in cooperation with all governmental and private sector institutions, stressing that the SEA supports all initiatives taken to encourage the use of clean energy.

    Dr. Abdullatif thanked the SEA president for patronizing the inauguration of the solar energy project, stressing that the society is keen to serve the community and support national initiatives to advance the use of renewable energy.

    He added that the society seeks to support Bahraini families in using solar panels to generate energy.Are you interested in renewables and eco-friendly energy? Let’s get to know from our publication about cloud seeding, straw in dunes, drone trees, and how the world solves the problem of desertification!

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