Scientists have named the countries that may be the first to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022

    07 Nov 2021

    As the incidence of Delta strains decreases in many parts of the world, scientists are studying the possibility of COVID-19 becoming an endemic disease. However, experts warn that COVID-19 remains an unpredictable virus that mutates.

    Such forecasts were published by Reuters, citing epidemiologists.

    This means that the United States, Britain, Portugal and India may emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as early as 2022.

    According to scientists, these countries will have a combination of high levels of vaccination and natural immunity among people infected with the coronavirus.

    For these states, COVID-19 is likely to become another seasonal disease.

    “We believe that in the period from today to the end of 2022, there will come a time when we will gain control over this virus, when we will be able to significantly reduce serious disease and mortality,” – quotes Maria Van Kerkhove, chief epidemiologist of the World Health Organization. .

    However, experts warn that the coronavirus for many years will be one of the leading causes of death in the world.

    According to some scientists, it will behave like measles: it will cause outbreaks in groups with low levels of vaccination.

    According to another, COVID-19 will become more like the flu.

    Earlier, the media reported that due to the pandemic, life expectancy was reduced for the first time since World War II.


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