Save the forest – save the climate

    21 Oct 2021

    The 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change will definitely impact the environmental debate that humanity currently has. How exactly – the world will understand in early November 2021. But the need to slow global warming will remain unchanged. Until there are immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we will not contain the rise in temperature within 1.5° C. Above is the moment of non-return, after which the number and scale of fires, floods, and other extreme weather events in the world will only increase. Humanity needs to take a more proactive stance for the greenhouse effect to slow down. 

    Let’s read the story written by Pavlo Kravets, Director of FSC Ukraine. FSC® (Forest stewardship council) is an international non-governmental organization whose activities aim to support environmentally and socially responsible forest management and ensure the sustainable use of forest resources. It is a solution for protecting biodiversity, nature conservation, and restoration of the forest landscape.

    FSC standards and the certification system play an essential role in preserving forest cover, preventing deforestation and forest degradation, which are vital elements of the global climate change agenda.


    Why forests are so important

    Along with the ocean, forests are those ecosystems that reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Almost 2.6 billion tons, or a third of all CO2 emitted from fossil fuel extraction and use, is absorbed by forests each year.

    The role of forests in climate stabilization is difficult to overestimate because ordinary deciduous trees can absorb up to 21 kg of carbon each year.

    Forests are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity on Earth.

    In addition, the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people are linked to the production or processing of forest products, which account for $ 244 billion in international trade.

    That is why the FSC believes in the importance of developing responsible forestry to protect healthy forests that support life on Earth. To this end, the organization has developed several standards for forestry, which help preserve valuable forests and unique natural objects, increase the efficiency of forestry, taking into account the rights of workers and the interests of local communities to increase forest cover.

    Businesses must save forest ecosystems, not destroy them

    The FSC believes that markets must work for the ecosystems of which they are part and that the requirements for ecosystem services are a tool to demonstrate the actual value of forests to them. With markets, FSC brings together foresters and committed stakeholders to foster partnerships to protect ecosystems.

    Adherence to FSC standards by partner businesses helps protect ecosystems. Yes, there are several success stories. In Mexico, for example, the FSC helped to reconcile a local community with outstanding forestry practices and a tomato company with an interest in a more sustainable supply chain. Such cooperation allowed to continue to protect the water protection functions of local forests. Or when the FSC managed to establish a partnership with a lottery company in France, helping preserve biodiversity in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, by restoring the natural characteristics of forests.

    Joining FSC Friday activities is another opportunity to raise awareness of the role of forests in our lives. It is a chance to encourage people to make responsible choices in their daily lives in favor of forests and support forestry as a natural solution to climate change. To do this, simply check whether the product you are buying was created from wood that comes from well-managed forests. The entire timber supply chain can be clearly and easily traced from the forestry to the store, thanks to the FSC certification system.

    In Europe and Asia, toddlers are taught from kindergarten to properly sort garbage, save resources, and respect natural ecosystems. The most popular in such countries, which have set themselves the goal of minimizing waste, are now products created using recycled materials. Thrifty treatment of any resources has become fashionable and possible due to the introduction of the topic of environmental protection and eco-friendly approaches in the educational process.


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