Saudi Arabia’s TRSDC teams up with Austrian biotech for sustainable food production

    09 Oct 2021

    The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) is partnering with a biotechnology firm for sustainable food production as the developer continues to promote “regenerative tourism” through the new Saudi giga project.

    Austrian company Blue Planet Ecosystems (BPE) will provide TRSDC with a solution to produce seafood sustainably, and to conduct algae production in a desert environment.

    The move is in response to “growing consumer demand for sustainable protein,” the Red Sea company chief John Pagano said to Arab News.

    “Our partnership with Blue Planet Ecosystems means working together to set a new global standard in sustainable, multitrophic desert aquaculture where we can literally turn sunlight into seafood,” he added.

    BPE will specifically provide the Land-based Automated Recirculating Aquaculture (LARA) system, which mimics a natural aquatic ecosystem.

    “The LARA system has a minimal environmental footprint and will not only help feed our guests and residents sustainably but will aid in carbon sequestration for our flagship destination as well as future projects on the Red Sea coast,” Pagano said.

    The first phase of the project will be implemented as a pilot to assess whether conditions at the Red Rea project are suitable for the solution to work effectively.


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