Recycling company to work with King Faisal University on waste research in Saudi Arabia

    05 Sep 2021

    The Saudi Investment Recycling Company, owned by the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund, has signed an agreement with King Faisal University in the Eastern Region’s Al-Ahsa Governorate to collaborate on research on new waste solutions, Arab News reports.

    The two organizations will work with the Date Palm Research Center of Excellence on recycling of agricultural waste and with the university’s College of Engineering on construction and demolition waste.

    The Saudi Investment Recycling Company aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and increase the rate of recycling across the Kingdom in areas including municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, and medical waste.

    The project contributes to developing an advanced circular economy, including a waste management model that is both profitable has low environmental impacts.

    Food waste costs Saudi Arabia SR40 billion ($10.6 billion) annually, with food loss and waste hitting 33%, the Saudi Press Agency reported on August 19, citing the minister of agriculture and chairman of the Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli.

    Under Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia aims to reduce waste sent to landfills by 94% by 2035.

    The Saudi Investment Recycling Company was founded in 2017 to achieve the environmental and sustainability goals outlined in Vision 2030 by contributing to the development of waste management, encouraging recycling, preserving natural resources, and transitioning to a circular economy, in addition to seeking out investment opportunities, forging alliances with local partners and attracting foreign investments.As we’ve written previously, Kuwait aims to transform the ‘tire graveyard’ into a new city.

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