Qatar ministry launches the second phase of study on the cause of fish deaths in Khor Al Adaid area

    28 Jul 2021

    The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) of Qatar, represented by the Monitoring and Environmental Laboratory Department, has launched the second phase of a comprehensive study to monitor and control the case of fish deaths in the Khor Al Adaid area, Gulf-times reports.

    It is being supervised by a specialized team from the department, whose work will continue until December 2021 with the aim of studying the case and preparing an integrated report on its causes.

    During this phase, the research team will conduct a comprehensive monitoring study of the fish deaths in Khor Al Adaid area, noting that the first phase focused on monitoring field readings only, while in the second phase, a comprehensive monitoring process will be conducted for all fish deaths in the area, based on the reports received by the administration.

    This stage includes five different sites in which the quality of seawater is studied from chemical, physical and biological points of view, and all the variables present at the bottom of the water from bacteria and other marine plankton (plant, animal) that directly affect the mortality of fish are monitored, to study whether it contains species that are harmful to fish, as various heavy metals are monitored in the water, in addition to measuring field readings of dissolved oxygen, underwater temperature, salinity, and water turbidity.

    The second phase is a continuation of the first phase, followed by the third and fourth phases until the end of this year, where samples will be collected from significant sites in Khor Al Adaid area to carry out the necessary study on the results of fish deaths in this area, especially the sites where the phenomenon of fish deaths appears, with the intensification of work to discover the real reasons for this phenomenon.

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