Protect mangrove forests while kayaking, Abu Dhabi urges

    23 Mar 2022

    Kayakers must not litter or disturb wildlife, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi cautions

    Abu Dhabi: Kayaking is a popular winter activity in the UAE and enthusiasts particularly enjoy the scenic routes created by the lush mangrove forests along the coastlines.

    Abu Dhabi’s environment sector regulator — the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) — has now urged kayakers to protect one of the UAE’s most important natural ecosystems during their rides.

    “Take a scenic ride through this natural escape [but] be sure to follow our Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you are keeping our environment safe,” the EAD urged.

    Mangroves are known to protect coasts from erosion. They also play a key role in carbon capture, and are home to a series of birds and animals. In order to protect these ecological treasures, the EAD urged the following measures:


    — Respect the serenity of the natural wonder.

    — Navigate carefully and slowly.

    — Pick up any trash along the way and throw it in an appropriate waste bin.


    — Do not get too close to the wildlife.

    — Do not disturb or feed any animals.

    – Do not leave any mess behind.


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