Plastic Legacy: what do you want to leave behind? (Greenpeace artwork)

    21 Jul 2021

    Plastic pollutes the environment for up to 400 years. Plastic and its increasingly drastic effects on people, animals, and the environment and how we deal with this problem is one of the most significant challenges of our time, but above all of the future.

    Greenpeace and fischerAppelt created the “Plastic Legacy” campaign to emphasize the importance of dealing with one of the most significant issues of our generation – plastic waste.


    Advertising Agency: fischerAppelt Berlin, Germany.

    Executive Creative Director: David Morales.

    Creative Director: Philip Bolland.

    Senior Art Director: Jessica Philip.

    Copywriter: Max List.

    Art Buyer: Johanna Merensky.

    Production: Carioca.

    The quote of French aristocrat, diplomat, political scientist, political philosopher, and historian Alexis de Tocqueville (1835) fits perfectly with these installations.

    “I see countless crowds of equal and similar people who spend their lives in the relentless search for small and crazy joys that fill their souls. Each of them, taken separately, is indifferent to the fate of all others: his children and closest friends and make up for him the whole human race. As for other fellow citizens, he is near them but does not see them; he touches them but does not feel them; it exists only in itself and only for itself. “

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