Paperless day: 3 ways to preserve the environment while working in the office

    01 Aug 2021

    The annual consumption of office paper requires the felling of 768 million trees, with 45% of paper documents being discarded within 24 hours of their creation. Let’s get to know what Update proposes as an alternative.

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    When in the yard of the 21st century, building paper mountains around your desk in the office is, to say the least, unproductive and un-environmentally friendly.

    While people can’t take a step without a smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets that can replace an entire library or archive, most companies still spend considerable economic and natural resources on pointless duplication of information on paper.

    And the production of this paper requires the felling of a vast amount of living forest, which simply does not have time to grow again. At the same time, people put unnecessary printed documents in tables, cabinets, and folders.

    Update decided to find out how to save natural resources, giving up the excessive use of paper at work and at home. Almost all the necessary information is in electronic form.

    Print documents only when you really need it

    About half of the waste in the business sector is paper. Many documents that office workers thoughtlessly print out of habit, no one needs on paper at all, because they are in electronic form.

    45% of printed documents are thrown away on the first day, which indicates that the printer is working in vain, and the wood used for paper production is actually sent to the trash, to no avail.

    Therefore, duplicating a 30-page annual report in PDF format in print is a waste of money and natural resources.

    Workers can edit virtually any electronic document directly on a computer. Sharing an electronic version with colleagues is much more convenient than giving everyone a stack of papers to review and make edits.

    So, if you want to do a good deed, give up multiplying paper waste and use modern technology.

    Scan documents, do not make copies

    If you work with a large volume of documents and spend a lot of time searching for the necessary papers, it means that it is time for you to translate your documentation into electronic form.

    You do not need to reprint the paper source, just scan essential documents and structure the files on your working device to quickly find them.

    Storing documents in electronic format saves your time and make it easier for other employees to access them.

    And remember, a sheet of paper has two sides, so use them both for more savings.

    Recycle paper waste

    Garbage recycling has become the norm today for many companies that adhere to the concept of sustainable development.

    As paper production occupies a significant part of the industrial sector in many countries and tends to grow, responsible manufacturers strive to make their products as environmentally friendly and economical as possible.

    Paper production is unlikely to stop in the near future, which is useless because this industry creates jobs, and raw materials are a renewable resource that just needs to be able to use so that it does not harm the environment.

    Today, Europe is a leader in recycling paper, processing almost 58 million tons of paper, which is 71.7% of its production.

    Remember that the cardboard you throw away will decompose in about a year, and the paper cup will decompose for five years. So it is better to put it all in a separate package and take it for recycling, so that then all this paper can be used again, and not just rot in the landfill.

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