Over 900 mangrove saplings planted in Oman

    26 May 2021

    More than 900 saplings of mangroves have been planted by the Oman Environment Authority in Khor Al Qurim in the Wilayat of Al Musanna, Times of Oman reports.

    Environment Authority said in its statement: “Within the framework of the National Initiative project to plant 10 million trees and with the aim of preserving and rehabilitating the ecosystems and their components, the Environment Authority implemented a campaign to plant 1000 saplings of mangroves in Khor Al Qurim in the Wilayat of Al Musanna.”

    “Mangroves are an important natural resource in preserving the ecological balance and are nursery areas for many commercial value fish, birds and other marine species, and they work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, in addition to being landscaped areas,” the statement added.

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