Organic cosmetics brand sees Bahrain as a key step to growth

    01 Dec 2021

    Bahrain is the next stop for organic cosmetics brand Liht Organics, which sees the kingdom as a critical step on its way to a billion-dollar company in five years.

    The two-year-old Singaporean beauty label is planning to launch in the kingdom during the first quarter of next year, Nerissa Low, the founder, and chief executive of the company, revealed in an exclusive interview with the GDN.

    “Bahrain is definitely our next stop,” said Ms Low. The Middle East’s first ever Organic Cosmetics company is positive about the outcome of ongoing talks with potential partners for Liht’s Bahrain foray having established a strong presence in the UAE, partnering with retailers such as Debenhams, Karji, Boots and Faces across more than 20 outlets, and also online at

    Liht Organics has seen rapid growth, expanding internationally into China and the Mena region, and with preparations on track to expand the company’s presence in Europe.

    The uniqueness and quality of the product has caught the eye of Bahrain-based Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij Al Khalifa Private Office, which has come on board as a strategic partner, with Shaikh Abdulaziz becoming an honorary board member of Liht Organics.

    Having already participated in the inaugural edition of the Royal Investment Summit hosted by Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij Al Khalifa Private Office in 2021, Ms Low is excited at the prospect of connecting with like-minded individuals during the second Royal Investment Summit in the UAE next year, as Liht sharpens its focus on the Mena region, where it wants to build its retail base in 2022.

    “This is a particularly interesting market for us as the consumers see value in the quality products we are able to offer,” she said.

    The summit, themed ‘Future of Investments in the GCC,’ is set to take place at the Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai, on January 23 and 24 next year with in-person attendees for the first time.

    “I have always been a big believer that nothing beats the personal touch of human contact despite the technological advances of today, so I am very excited to be able to showcase the brand in person in the second edition,” she said.

    Customizing the product range according to local needs and preferences has given the brand an edge, said Ms Low, which is now poised to meet the rising demand for authentic organic products.

    “When we think about creating products for the everyday woman, we think about three core attributes – Quality, Performance, and Sustainability. We set out to create a line of high-performance makeup which lasts all day and night and is actually beneficial for your skin,” declared Ms. Low.

    “The average woman piles on 168 different chemicals in their regular skincare and makeup every single day, and many of these are harmful chemicals which can impact your skin and health. This is why our ingredients are USDA-certified organic and FDA-approved to create safe enough to eat products.

    “We have also included a wide range of shades for base makeup like foundation and concealers to suit various skin tones in the region. We will soon be launching trial foundation pens allowing customers to try the shades first before purchasing the full bottle. We are also developing an extended range of eye and lip makeup,” she added.

    When asked if Liht would consider manufacturing locally to shorten turnaround times for imports and also contribute to the regional economy, Ms. Low said she was definitely open to exploring opportunities that “meet our criteria of creating formulas made from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients with relevant certifications that are free of nanoparticles and chemicals.”

    For the present, the company makes its products in the US under strict and stringent criteria using only USDA-certified organic ingredients, which is one of the most recognized certifications in the industry.

    According to the entrepreneur, sustainability for her is not just a buzzword but a core value and “one of the main reasons why Liht was created.”

    “Being an organic makeup brand, our manufacturing process already ensures that we practice sustainability. Environmental pollution can occur insidiously when there is wash-away involved both during the manufacturing process as well as when the end-user washes their makeup off at the end of the day.

    “With a clean formula that is free of harmful and synthetic chemical ingredients, we protect the environment by ensuring that no nasties get washed into the drainage systems and eventually into the oceans, causing harm to marine life.”

    Liht also sources for ethically and sustainably farmed ingredients to ensure that the land is not over-farmed, emphasized Ms. Low.

    “We have consciously chosen to use FSC-certified paper (which is an assurance that the paper is made with, or contains, forest-based materials from FSC-certified forests or reclaimed sources), as well as using non-toxic ink on our packaging.”

    Liht sells concealer and blush as refillable pans to reduce wastage as well as provide added cost efficiencies for the consumer and plans to recycle empty bottles in the future.

    “We have also made contributions to environmental causes such as Marine Conservation Institute and the Rainforest Trust and we are continually on the lookout for the next foundation to support,” added Ms. Low.


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