Omani, Saudi firms ink cooperation pact on waste management, recycling

    10 Nov 2021

    Two companies — one from the Sultanate of Oman and the other from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – have signed an agreement for joint action in the field of waste recycling and management, Oman Observer states.

    Al Khedmah Recycling of Oman and Saudi Arabia’s Tadweer will exchange expertise and carry out joint operations to achieve the highest possible levels of environmental sanitation and natural resources protection.

    Natural waste will be recycled to produce reusable raw materials to be launched in local and external markets as recycled products — which will achieve optimum use of natural resources.

    According to the agreement, Al Khedmah will be a venue to the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials and for the recycling of byproducts from food industries and ‘green waste’.

    The agreement will be a step forward in the two countries’ march of cooperation and commercial exchange. It will help diminish the waste of natural resources and avoid the harms of direct dumping of debris.

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