Oman plans to convert Umm Al Tair island in Musandam into nature reserve

    25 Aug 2021

    Oman is planning to convert the island of Umm Al Tair into a nature reserve, Abd Al Salam bin Hassan Al Kamzari, director of Environment Department in the Governorate of Musandam, has revealed, Gulf News reports.

    The Musandam region, which is rich in its geographical diversity, flora,  and fauna, is also considered a safe haven for migratory birds, Oman News Agency, in its report, says. The region has been the cynosure of discerning people interested in exploring about bio-diversity of the area.

    Abd Al Salam said that the decision to convert this island into a nature reserve was mainly due to the governorate’s natural components and environmental diversity.

    In a statement to the Oman News Agency, he stressed that the government attaches great importance to preserving the environmental systems in the Sultanate in general and the Musandam Governorate in particular.

    The teams have been evaluating the environmental assets spread across Musandam and trying to absorb the economic and financial value of the same, including ancient and unique trees, certain animals native to the region, and some endangered creatures.

    Umm Al Tair Island is a safe haven for migratory birds coming from Europe throughout the year. Other islands in this region are unique in their own way that attracts visitors from around the world. These attractions apart, there are spectacular bays that inhabit coral reefs and a nurtured ecosystem surrounding the well-known and well-preserved reefs.

    An island in Musandam is to become a nature reserve for exotic animals and birds in Oman, and plans to create such an area have been drawn up.

    With Musandam rich in exotic flora and fauna, the region is home to many islands that are havens for migratory birds and provide an amazing opportunity to bring eco-tourists to this part of Oman.

    Other natural attractions near the capital, Khasab, and other governorate areas include the colorful underwater coral reefs and the rich variety of fish and other marine life, said Abdulsalam bin Hasan Al Kamzari, the acting director of the Environment Department in the Governorate of Musandam.

    “The governorate enjoys fascinating biodiversity and varied natural beauty,” he told the Oman News Agency.

    “His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik has issued directives on developing Musandam Governorate by establishing projects that contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development.

    “The government accorded due efforts and significance to the ecosystem in the Sultanate in general and in Musandam Governorate in particular,” he added.

    “The government has also worked on the evaluation of environment assets to comprehend the economic and financial value of environmental aspects such as trees, wildlife, and endangered species.”

    Among the islands in Musandam is Umm A’Tiyour Island, a haven for birds migrating from Europe, as it hosts various species of fauna throughout the year.

    To bring attention to the importance this island plays to species worldwide, there is a proposal to transform this island into a natural sanctuary under the name Musandam Natural Park.

    “Musandam Governorate has varied topography, which provides a haven for various plants and trees of nutritional and medicinal value,” Al Kamzari went on to say.

    “Sustainable ecotourism is one of the resources which contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.”

    “It will also shed light on the importance of environmental preservation,” he said.

    “This will provide various advantages to the economy and boost tourism in the Governorate of Musandam.”As we’ve written previously, nature protection is a crucial aspect of Oman’s Vision 2040.

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