North al Batinah in Oman is an ideal spot for wildlife photography

    01 Sep 2021

    Wildlife in the North al Batinah Governorate represents a fertile field for lovers and enthusiasts of photography because of its diversity in the organisms that spread between its plains and mountains, which was reflected in the works of Rashid bin Saif al Muqbali from Wilayat of Suhar, Oman Observer reports.

    Through his optical lens, he published pictures and video clips on social media platforms for several wild animals, birds, and others. He introduced them to the community, reaching the world by publishing many pictures of these animals on the website of National Geographic.

    In an interview, Al Muqbali indicated that his entry into the field of photography was from an early age. Still, he specifically moved to professional wildlife photographing over the last year and a half, for which he got special tools and equipment.


    Al Batinah North Governorate is a governorate of Oman. It was created on 28 October 2011 when Al Batinah Region was split into Al Batinah North Governorate and Al Batinah South Governorate. The center of the governorate is the wilayat of Sohar.Oman promotes relaxing trips to the sea – check info about it here.

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