Nearly 1000 mangrove saplings planted in Oman

    09 Jun 2021

    The Environment Authority has planted more than 950 mangrove saplings in Khor Qaisd in the Wilayat of Al Jazir, Al Wusta Governorate.

    “In support of the efforts of the Environment Authority in preserving and protecting environmental systems, rehabilitating degraded lands, and in celebration of World Environment Day, the authority, represented by the Environment Department in Al Wusta Governorate, planted 1,000 saplings of mangroves in Khor Qaisd in the Wilayat of Al Jazir,” the Environment Authority said in a statement.

    Mr. Badr bin Saif Al Busaidi, Head of Wetland Environments Department at the authority, indicated that there are efforts being made in this field, including the implementation of the national initiative to plant 10 million trees, through which the authority seeks to achieve protection and sustainability of vegetation and environmental cover, Times of Oman reports.

    Al Busaidi added that the continuity of work in preserving and maintaining environmental systems in accordance with internationally approved standards and measures will have a significant positive impact in creating an environmental balance. Everyone needs to contribute and join hands in preserving these systems in order to benefit from them in wise and sustainable ways.

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