Natural wonders of the Gulf: Asir, Saudi Arabia’s summer destination for nature lovers

    19 Jul 2021

    In the high altitudes of Asir, green landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see offer a unique connection with nature, Arab News reports.

    Asir topped the destinations announced by the Saudi Summer 2021 program launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority through the “Saudi Arabia Spirit” portal, under the slogan “Our Summer, Your Mood.”

    The program began on June 24 and will last until the end of September. It includes 11 tourist destinations, with over 500 touristic experiences in cooperation with more than 250 partners from the private sector.

    Famous locations in the Asir region can be accessed through roads paved between mountains and greenery, including Shada Palace, the mud-walled embodiment of traditional architecture, which has been turned into a museum.

    As one explores the region, the archaeological village of Rijal Almaa appears from atop a hill with its immortal image that dates back over 350 years. The village retains its glory and beauty, illustrated by the white quartz that adorns its structures outside and merges into the rural scenery from afar. The green terraces extend along the mountains and on all edges.

    Heritage is seen as an eternal symbol throughout the region, and this is reflected in its residents, who are proud of their deep-rooted sense of belonging to the land.

    The small neighborhood of Al-Muftaha village is a distinct cultural center characterized by bright murals and narrow lanes with beautiful art.

    Despite the ideal scenic landscape, the spirit of adventure remains the primary motive for enjoying the trip.

    Riding the cable car is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the Asir region, with panoramic views that will be remembered forever.

    The cable car journeys between the mountains, traveling through four stations, the first based on the Abha Palace Hotel.

    The new Abha cable car station, which heads toward the Green Mountain, is exciting in daylight and picturesque at night. The mountain is lit with green neon lights whose warm glow can be seen from all over the city.

    The third station is the Al-Soudah cable car, which transports passengers from the Jabal Al-Soudah to the village of Rijal Almaa. The last station is the Habala cable car, which extends toward the old village of Habala, and is the only means of transportation since it can only be reached by cable car.

    After experiencing the cable car, tourists can visit the high city linked to the mountain’s summit. Mountain rocks were carved into walls and sidewalks on which the city rests. The high city has recently flourished with cafes, restaurants, and various recreational activities that cater to everyone’s taste.

    The Asir region offers a wide range of nature scenes every day, depending on the light, wind, or rain. The image of the earth changes from bright and glowing on clear days to refreshingly wet after rain, and the air tends to cool as people ascend the hanging roads that rotate around mountains.

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