Kuwait cracks down on shell collectors: The rife habit is punishable by fines up to KD5,000

    03 Nov 2021

    Kuwaiti environment authorities had booked an unspecified number of persons for collecting shells and snails on the country’s shores and islands in violation of environment protection codes, local media reported.

    The violations were registered during a campaign mounted by the government Environment Public Authority.

    “Some persons were spotted collecting shells without being aware that they contain creatures or they provide a shelter to some creatures. They [shells] are important for maintaining ecological balance for maritime creatures,” the institution’s public relations manager Sheikh Ebrahim said.

    Shell collecting in Kuwait is punishable by a maximum fine of KD5,000.

    The official said that collecting shells and snails have recently become a phenomenon among Kuwaitis and foreign residents to use them as decorations or keep them as souvenirs. “But this violates the environment law,” she added.

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