Kurdish environmentalists release vulture back into the wild in Iran

    17 Oct 2021

    A Kurdish environmental organization released a vulture back into the wild on September 14, three months after it was found injured on a public street in Paveh, Kermanshah province.

    Zhiway Pawa Society, a local NGO for environment protection and animal rights, treated the vulture, mending its broken wings.

    “Some locals found the vulture on a street in Paveh and brought it to us. We cared for the bird for three months with the help of colleagues specialized in animal protection. Its wings were broken and it was ill, so perhaps this triggered its fall,” Ashna Hassanzadeh, head of the NGO, told Rudaw English.



    “We thought that the vulture came from Nowdeshah, which is 10 miles northwest Paveh. So we brought it back to Hawtkeshan Mountain near the town,” he added.

    The organization released a golden eagle into the wild last year, almost a month after it was found injured in a remote area in Paveh.

    Founded in 2015, Zhiway Pawa Society is a grassroots organization working in the Paveh area where it raises environmental awareness and helps to fight wildfires.


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