Jeddah Economic City: 90% of road, landscaping work done

    03 Jul 2021

    Jeddah Economic City – one of Saudi Arabia’s flagship megaprojects, which will include the world’s tallest tower – is nearing completion on all road construction and landscaping work, according to a senior executive on the project, Arab News reports.

    Speaking at the Urban Landscape Saudi 2021 event this week, Fady Nassim, executive head of urban planning for Jeddah Economic City, said the main goal of the 5.3-million-square-meter project is to create a habitable, economically beneficial, and environmentally friendly space. “Ninety percent of the work on road construction and landscaping in the city is done,” he told delegates.

    The city will consist of 210 towers that will be over 30 floors high, the centerpiece being Jeddah Tower, which will be around 1 km tall and will take over from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa as the world’s tallest building.

    The project will consist of three sectors: a financial district, a residential district, and Al-Balad, which will be a contemporary recreation of the old quarter of Jeddah.

    Nassim said the landscaping will be done in a way that ensures plenty of green space and room for pedestrians, with less emphasis on cars and traffic.

    Also speaking at the event, which was organized by the Saudi Contractors Authority, was Abdurahman Medallah, general manager for urban studies and policies at the Sharqia Development Authority.

    He highlighted the fact that the rapid expansion of urban areas in the Kingdom is impacting agricultural land.

    Medallah also highlighted the recently announced Saudi Green initiative, which aims to enhance rural areas and expand green areas in the Kingdom.

    “Some of these targets are to increase the share of renewables, to reduce carbon emissions, to plant around 50 million trees, and to raise the percentage of protected areas to around 30%,” he said.

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