Iraq targets 90% self-sufficiency in natural gas by 2025

    07 Jul 2021

    The Iraqi Ministry of Oil plans to attract a contractor to invest in Akkas gas field, to produce 4,000 million cubic feet of gas by 2025, representing 90% of Iraq’s need for electric power production, said Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar for Arab News.

    Iraq will need more gas for electric power by 2030 to keep pace with the rise in the population, which is expected to increase by 10 million people to 50 million by then, he told Asharq.

    Iraq will still need to import 15% of the gas fuel it needs, he said. Infrastructure is being built in the south to open new outlets to import gas from other countries such as Qatar when required, he said.

    There are currently new projects in the governorates of Dhi Qar and Maysan, Abdul Jabbar said.

    Iraq currently consumes about 3,500 million standard cubic feet of natural gas, of which 1,300 cubic feet is produced in Iraq and the rest imported from Iran, while the actual need for Iraq amounts to 4,500 million cubic feet, he said.

    Iraq is planning to build several power plants in partnership with international and Arab companies in the coming years. Some will use solar energy, while others will run on fossil fuels, including gas produced during oil extraction, by introducing it into the electricity production system, Abdul Jabbar said.

    Iraq plans to end gas flaring altogether by 2025, he said.

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