Iraq struggles with environmental challenges (in pictures)

    06 Oct 2021

    We’ve found an impressive compilation of the photos made by The National News. Few of them are masterpieces of art photography. Let’s have a look at the pictures carefully.  


    The dried-up and cracked surface of what used to be marshland at Chibayish.


    A boy walks along through an almost empty irrigation channel in the village of Sayyed Dakhil, east of Nasiriyah city, 360 kilometres south of Baghdad.


    A farmer digs in a field in Diwaniyah, 160 kilometres south of the capital Baghdad. Iraqi farmers have traditionally not needed wells, but drought now threatens the livelihoods of nearly a quarter of the country’s population in the southern provinces of Diwaniyah, Muthanna and Missan.


    An aerial view of fishermen’s boats in ahwar marshland at Chibayish. Already much-reduced through draining for cultivation, drought now threatens the marshes and way of life of the Marsh Arabs.


    A boy walks through a dried-up field in the Saadiya area, north of Diyala. Temperatures in Iraq have exceeded 50°C.


    An aerial view shows ahwar marshland at Chibayish, in Iraq’s southern Dhi Qar province, drying out the country bakes under a heatwave.


    A farmer digs field in a parched field at his farm in the Khanaqin area, north of Diyala, in eastern Iraq.

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