In Italy, ecological housing made of soil and water was printed on 3D printers

    11 Dec 2021

    In Italy, work has been completed on the TECLA project – a house made of raw soil, printed on 3D printers, according to Designboom.

    The house consists of two domes, which are interconnected, and has a transparent ceiling.

    The house has a living room, bedroom and toilet.

    Nearby is a garden and a lake that collects sewage and rainwater for reuse in the garden. Solar and thermal panels provide the house with energy.

    Building material is a mixture of raw soil, water, rice husk and binder (about 5%). All materials are recyclable.

    The developers explain that 3D printing on natural materials allows you to build housing anywhere, using local resources, especially in rural areas, where there may be a shortage of building materials.

    “We like to think that TECLA is the beginning of a new history, we would like to shape the future by transforming ancient material with modern technology, the aesthetics of this house is the result of technical and material efforts,” said Mario Cucinella, founder of Mario Cucinella Architects, companies that developed TECLA.


    The idea of ​​smart digital cities has already captured the imagination of our contemporaries. However, although this clear image is attractive, there are factors that the smart city model does not take into account: it is living life that not only does not leave the city but also takes on new, hitherto non-existent forms. You may read the full article here.

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