Head of UAE’s weather bureau in the running for top global post

    02 Feb 2023

    The chief of the UAE’s weather bureau is in the running for a prestigious global position.

    Abdulla Al Mandous, director general of the National Centre of Meteorology, has been put forward by the UAE for the 2023 to 2027 presidency of the World Meteorological Organisation, it was announced on Wednesday.

    Mr Al Mandous has had a distinguished 30-year career in meteorology and climate science, and, during his time at the NCM, has overseen a major modernisation of the country’s meteorological and seismological networks.

    He led the NCM’s efforts to establish the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science, presided over the centre’s pioneering cloud seeding initiative and contributed to the development of the Arabian Peninsula integrated radar observing system.

    The WMO is an agency of the United Nations and functions as the global authority on weather, climate and the environmental issues. Mr Al Mandous is currently the UAE’s permanent representative to the WMO and also serves as president of its regional association, covering Asia.

    “The UAE’s official announcement in support of my WMO presidency candidacy reiterates the importance the country attaches to meteorology, weather, climate and related water and environmental issues,” said Mr Al Mandous.

    “It is a top priority for our country to ensure that it pools its expertise and human capital with other national and global organisations to accelerate the development of comprehensive early warning systems to protect lives from the impacts of natural disasters.

    “In supporting WMO in its efforts to lead the development of cutting-edge meteorological technologies, the UAE seeks to ensure accurate and reliable climate-related data and services for the benefit of communities across the globe.”

    Mr Al Mandous was nominated by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation and a decision on WMO president is expected by May.

    If successful, Mr Al Mandous will seek to accelerate efforts to ensure UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s call to ensure that “every person on the Earth is protected by early warning systems in the next five years” is achieved. He will also aim to bolster the world’s resilience to extreme weather and climate events.

    Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/climate/environment/2023/02/01/head-of-uaes-weather-bureau-in-the-running-for-top-global-post/

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