Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi Digital services now available on TAMM

    27 Nov 2021

    As part of its digital transformation, all the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) digital services are now available on the TAMM portal and app, WAM reports.

    This move aligns with the Abu Dhabi government’s vision of being the first country in the region to provide all government services on a unified digital platform.

    TAMM is a one-stop-shop for all Abu Dhabi government services launched by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. It is designed to reduce pressure on consumers so that they do not have to visit government facilities for any service.

    Currently, there are nine primary EAD digital services available on the TAMM portal and app, including Recreational and Commercial Fishing Licenses, Licenses for Aquaculture, and Permits for Native Trees Plantation and Translocation.

    This is in addition to Environmental Licencing of Groundwater Wells Drilling and Use, Development, and Infrastructure Projects, Industrial Facilities, and the Registration of a Consultancy Office. Furthermore, there’s the Commercial Establishments Licenses available under which Environmental Licensing for Commercial Facilities, Animal Production Farms, and Hazardous Materials Stores are all merged under one service.

    Saoud Salem Alneyadi, Director of Customer Happiness at EAD said: “We at EAD always strive to achieve the Abu Dhabi government vision, and we have taken pro-active steps to ensure that all our digital services are available on the main Abu Dhabi government digital gateway, TAMM. By accessing the TAMM portal and app, users will no longer need to visit any government facility and can conserve the environment due to all services being paperless – contributing to the sustainable development of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

    Alneyadi added: “We currently have nine main services on TAMM, and as we continue to move forward, we will be consistently working towards the digitization of our services to facilitate the lives of our stakeholders. With the services at their fingertips, our customers will have access to rapid deployment, saving time and energy. We are profound believers in the power of modern and innovative technology tools across the environmental work that we undertake, and being on TAMM is another example of this.”

    The Environmental Licensing of Groundwater Wells Drilling and Use services will allow users to issue and renew their groundwater drilling license and apply for a license to deepen the well.

    Under the Permits for Native Trees Plantation and Translocation, users can request a permit for translocating and replanting for native trees. In addition, by accessing TAMM, users can register and classify an environmental consultancy office and renew and modify the registration.

    Furthermore, users can request a recreational weekly or annual fishing license and renew or modify a commercial fishing license. This is in addition to requesting the transfer of a commercial fishing license to another owner and requesting the replacement of a lost or damaged commercial fishing license. Similarly, another available service is the request for the renewal of an environmental permit for aquaculture.

    EAD digital services on TAMM will also allow the application for a request for the renewal or modification of a development or infrastructure project environmental license.

    On TAMM, EAD will also digitally offer the issuing, renewing and modification of the environmental license for animal production farms alongside being able to issue, modify or renew an environmental license for the storage of hazardous chemical materials under Commercial Licenses.

    Finally, on TAMM, EAD customers will be able to issue an environmental license to operate commercial and industrial facilities as well as renew or modify the license.


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