Endangered and wonderful: let’s celebrate Tiger’s Day

    04 Aug 2021

    On July 29, we’ve celebrated World Tiger Day.

    Global Tiger Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness about this magnificent but endangered big cat. The day was founded in 2010 when the 13 tiger range countries came together to create Tx2 – the global goal to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, WWF explains.

    2016 marks the halfway point of this ambitious goal, and this year has been one of the most united and exciting Global Tiger Days yet. WWF offices, organizations, celebrities, government officials, families, friends, and individuals worldwide came together in support of the #ThumbsUpForTigers campaign – showing the tiger range countries that there is worldwide support for tiger conservation efforts and the Tx2 goal.

    Photo by Oleg Andros

    “Doubling tigers is about tigers, about the whole of nature – and it’s also about us,” said Marco Lambertini, Director General WWF.

    Let’s check a few tips of advice from the Save Wild initiative on how not to become those who contribute to the destruction of the tiger in the wild.

    1. Do not visit circuses and private menageries. There are no good trainers. A tiger cannot live in a box without a forest and a pond.

    2. Do not take pictures with tiger cubs. This is cruel!

    Photo by Tatyana Andreyshina

    3. Do not buy any souvenirs or medicines from the body parts of tigers. Hundreds of them are killed on “tiger” farms around the world for this bullshit.

    4. Do not support those who breed tigers outside the Zoo Associations’ breeding programs, especially those who sell animals to private hands.

    5. The constant need for tiger cubs forces dealers to breed tigers from one brood – brother and sister and so on for several generations. As a result, tiger cubs suffer from many genetic diseases. And the cruelest thing is to breed white tigers. The baby often does not survive due to many pathologies because it is an anomaly that is fixed artificially. New tiger cubs are constantly needed, so consumers will support the wheel of poaching from nature (to update genetics), breeding and keeping in appalling conditions, smuggling across borders, killings, and bullying.

    6. Boycott companies that destroy wildlife for mining or resort development

    Let us be human and let these beautiful creatures still live on our planet!

    These are cool infographics from Save Wild; why you shouldn’t want a picture with a tiger cub:

    Because owners force them to give birth constantly.

    Irresponsible reproduction harms the genetic fund.

    Adult tigers and adolescents are killed for their skins, souvenirs, medicines, and private hunts. The market for tiger derivatives is growing.

    Dealers need more tigers and derivatives, so there’s more poaching.

    Grown tigers are sold to circuses, backyard menageries, and shows.

    Disguise as a rehabilitation center,general public’s sympathy or a non-profit organization hides cruelty in the shadows.

    Photo by Tatyana Andreyshina

    Would you like a baby tiger avatar?

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