EGA begins planting 10,000 mangroves in Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary

    17 Jun 2021

    15th June, 2021 Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) on June, 15 began planting 10,000 mangroves in Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary in partnership with the “One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative”, WAM reports.

    Mangroves, which grow in tidal areas of the coast, are an important native tree species in the UAE.

    Studies show that mangroves sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere up to four times as effectively as a rainforest. The trees also protect coastal areas from erosion and contribute to the sustainability of coastal ecosystems.

    EGA and the One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative have engaged experts from the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, Dubai’s oldest NGO, to plant the mangrove saplings to ensure the young trees will thrive.

    The Initiative is a global campaign spearheaded by the UAE to plant one billion trees around the world by the end of 2025, improving lives and livelihoods whilst also helping tackle climate change.

    One innovative feature of the campaign, delivered in partnership with EcoMatcher, a Hong Kong-based benefit or “B” corporation, is its use of blockchain technology to track tree planting accurately and transparently and to measure carbon sequestration achieved.

    Abdulnasser bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, said, “Mangroves are a beautiful part of our natural environment in the UAE. They also have a potentially important role in capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are pleased to partner with the One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative to plant mangroves down the coast from our Jebel Ali plant in Dubai.

    “Aluminium plays an important role in the development of a more sustainable society, but it also matters how sustainably it is made. At EGA we are committed to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our industrial activities and we have already made considerable progress. Offsetting emissions we cannot eliminate from human activity will be an important part of the global solution to climate change over the decades ahead.”

    The One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative aims to reach 21 countries by the end of this year and individuals can play a part alongside companies and other organizations.

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