Dubai to draft roadmap to world’s future through ‘Program for People and Planet’

    25 Sep 2021

    Expo 2020 Dubai is looking forward to bring together countries and communities to draft a roadmap for their future, by leveraging the participation of more than 200 countries and international organizations to enable participants and visitors to play a part in making a positive change, said Chief of Staff to the Director-General of Expo 2020 Dubai.

    Over six months, Expo 2020 Dubai’s ‘Program for People and Planet’ will help achieve these objectives through 10 Theme Weeks, 18 International Days and more than 220 events – including forums, conferences and workshops – that explore key issues of global significance, Nadia Verjee, who is also responsible for the program, told the Emirates News Agency (WAM) in an interview.

    “Spanning crucial topics including climate change, biodiversity and the future of healthcare and education, the program is underpinned by the need for serious action, leveraging the convening power of Expo 2020 Dubai to support global efforts to enhance the quality of life for future generations,” she added.

    Verjee stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai would showcase experiences and innovations worldwide, inspiring future generations to adopt solutions to global challenges and catalyzing a one-of-a-kind movement to shape the legacy that Expo 2020 Dubai leaves the world.

    “Our world continues to change rapidly, and we need to move forward and collaborate to keep pace with rapid developments.

    “Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the first in-person global gatherings to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers the world a golden opportunity to work together to overcome future challenges,” Verjee said.

    She added that that the program’s Theme Weeks will explore solutions to humanity’s most critical challenges, kicking off with Climate and Biodiversity Week, held in association with DP World and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, that will host discussions around five key issues of climate change, disaster risk management, circular economy and green economy, endangered areas, and protecting natural resources and biodiversity.

    Later in October, Space Week will explore the space sector across three topics, namely space exploration, governance, and laws on space and space data, in association with the UAE Space Agency and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre.

    Urban and Rural Development Week will see the participation of UN-Habitat, Siemens, and the Aga Khan Development Network and will focus on the five key topics of cities and informal settlements, access to services, urban planning, infrastructure, transport and comprehensive rural development.

    In association with the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, Tolerance and Inclusivity Week will focus on cultural pluralism, coexistence and understanding between different religions, communities,, and cultures, inclusivity of people of determination, peace, and security, comprehensive dialogue, and media credibility.

    Knowledge and Learning Week, co-curated with Dubai Cares, will probe the future of education, labor, skills, informal education and knowledge-based systems.

    Looking to 2022, Travel and Connectivity Week, in association with Emirates and Etisalat, will cover digital communication, digital government, smart transport, supply chains, trade and travel.

    The United Nations will co-host Global Goals Week, which will see an emphasis on women and social development.

    Health and Wellness Week will bring together participants, including the World Health Organisation and the Mohammed bin Rashid Medicine and Health Sciences University, to discuss healthcare systems, medical tech solutions, healthcare services for local communities, and wellness and happiness. Attention to these issues is especially important in a pandemic world.

    Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week will shed light on key topics including food systems, food waste, food safety, small agricultural projects and food security, held in association with PepsiCo, the Minister of State’s Office for Food and Water Security and Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

    The series will end with Water Week, co-curated with the Minister of State’s Office for Food and Water Security, Ministry of Energy and Industry, and Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. Topics will include water management, oceans and the ocean economy, water-based environmental systems, water supply networks and sanitation.

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