Dubai Supreme Council of Energy launches Circular Economy Committee

    23 Oct 2021

    The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has launched the Circular Economy Committee to bring public and private entities together to support the circular economy, WAM reports.

    The Committee will develop actionable initiatives to upscale current applications and introduce best international practices in circular economies.

    “The UAE attaches great importance to achieving sustainable and effective use of natural resources by transitioning to a green economy and increasing the share of clean and renewable energy sources. The UAE Circular Economy Policy identifies the country’s priorities in terms of a circular economy. Priorities include infrastructure, sustainable transportation, manufacturing, food production and consumption,” Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, said.

    Al Tayer stated that the Committee aims to encourage investment in the circular economy and propose viable suggestions that support the upscaling of current applications and best international practices in this regard. This achieves economic growth while protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of natural resources.

    “We aim to develop and launch innovative tools and initiatives in collaboration with our strategic partners to promote the adoption of the circular economy model across different sectors and ensure its application according to methodologies that link all effective players. We also strive to support start-ups and develop the capabilities of entrepreneurs in this vital sector in addition to encouraging the utilisation of modern technologies capabilities by enhancing the efficiency of natural resources and promoting sustainable practices to reuse resources, reduce waste, limit carbon emissions, and build a better future for generations to come,” he added.

    Ahmad Buti Al Muhairbi, Secretary-General of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Chairman of the Energy Demand Side Management Executive Committee, chaired the Circular Economy Committee kick-off meeting. Members included representatives from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Municipality, Dubai Economy, Dubai Science Park, Emaar Properties, and Diamond Developers.

    “We are pleased with the response to suggestions discussed in the first meeting of the Circular Economy Committee. We already see several excellent examples of circularity that can be scaled up across Dubai. The Committee discussed the report on the State of Circular Economy that was reviewed and aligned with the UAE Circular Economy Policy. The Committee discussed some examples of global best practices, with next steps in developing initiatives and tools to support further the circular economy across different sectors in Dubai,” Al Muhairbi said.

    A circular economy is an economic system that focuses on reducing the extraction of natural resources, minimizing waste, and regenerating natural systems. In a circular economy, raw materials, components, and products keep their value for as long as possible, while renewable energy sources are used.


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