Dubai 7th International Nutrition Congress highlights the role of technology in nutrition

    18 Nov 2021

    The seventh Dubai International Nutrition Congress (DINC) started on November 4 under the theme, “Challenges, Resilience and Sustainability in Nutrition”.

    The three-day congress is taking place in a hybrid format in Dubai. Organized by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), in cooperation with Index Conferences and Exhibitions and certain regional and international organisations, the DINC aims to raise scientific and professional knowledge in nutrition.

    More than 800 doctors (in-person and online), specialists and members of local, regional and international nutrition associations will participate in the congress.

    The opening ceremony was attended by Awadh Al Ketbi, Director-General of the DHA, Dr Younis Kazim, CEO of DHA’s Dubai Healthcare, and senior members from nutrition associations including Kuwait Food and Nutrition Association (KFNA); Saudi Society for Food and Nutrition and Arab Society of Paediatric Clinical Nutrition (ASPCN).

    Shaima Qayed, Congress Chairperson and Acting Director of DHA’s Nutrition Department, said, “Nutrition has a deep impact on our development and health. This conference, in its seventh year, aims to provide a platform to discuss the most pressing nutritional challenges, solutions as well as new developments and trends in the field that will help enhance the health and wellbeing of the population.”

    Qayed highlighted that the congress comes in-line with modern national and international trends. It contributes to strengthening health patterns, improving the results of national health indicators, reducing obesity in children and adolescents in accordance with the National Agenda 2021, and achieving sustainable development goals 2030.

    She added that the conference would also highlight the role of technology in nutrition, such as BMI measurements.

    The accompanying exhibition will highlight all nutrition-related technologies. Several local and international institutions and companies will provide a detailed explanation of the latest developments in devices, equipment, and smart solutions related to nutrition.

    Dr. Mania El Baba, Founder, and CEO of Spec Brite Group, gave a detailed explanation about the latest technologies being presented for the first time in the UAE. These include devices to measure Body Mass Index (BMI), proteins, minerals, water, and fat around the abdomen and internal organs, in addition to identifying the percentage of obesity, fluid retention, muscle weakness, and abdominal fat.

    This year DINC’s major highlight will be the Impacts of Climate and Environmental Change on Family Nutrition, COVID-19 and its Impact on Dietary Behaviours, Nutritional Status, Challenges in Paediatric Nutrition, Nutrition in Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer, Pulmonary and Liver, and Pancreatic Diseases.

    Over the three days, 65 speakers will offer their insights on important topics such as Nutrition and Cancer, Nutrition for Metabolism and Microbiology, Recent Advances in Nutrition, Paediatric Nutrition and Child Health, Critical Care Nutrition, Nutrition, and Chronic Diseases and Nutrition through the Life Stages. More than 30 research presentations, 16 scientific sessions and three dedicated workshops will take place.

    The congress will also focus on themes related to the importance of diet in helping and preventing non-communicable diseases, malnutrition in hospitals, challenges and opportunities, in addition to medical therapeutic nutrition for diabetic patients, approaches and methods of therapeutic nutrition for cancer patients, immune system patients, nutrition for digestive diseases, malnutrition and hyperthyroidism, obesity role and the importance of therapeutic nutrition in the intensive care unit, paediatrics, and nutritional support for athletes.


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