Coldplay will extract electricity for concerts from jumping fans

    23 Oct 2021

    British rock band Coldplay has announced an “eco-friendly” concert tour supporting their Music of the Spheres album, released on October 15. According to the musicians’ website, the carbon footprint of their performances will decrease by 50% compared to their performances in 2016-2017.

    To achieve its stated goals, Coldplay will use renewable energy in their shows – including fan motions. A kinetic covering will be installed on the dance floor, which will convert contact with the tiles into energy.

    “You know, sometimes the frontman of the band shouts at a concert: ‘We need you to jump!’? In our case, it will really be necessary, because if people do not do it, the lights will simply turn off, “Coldplay singer Chris Martin told the BBC.

    The musicians’ electronics will also be powered by solar panels installed in stadiums, generators powered by environmentally friendly vegetable oil fuel, and batteries from BMW i3 cars.

    The stage for the group will be built from a combination of lightweight, low-carbon, and recyclable materials like bamboo and recyclable steel. Attributes like glowing bracelets and confetti will be made from biodegradable plastic and paper.

    Even going to the toilet will be conscious – at concerts, they will install toilets with a low flush level to not waste water.

    The musicians will build the route in such a way as to avoid air travel if possible. Nevertheless, they will have to be made: for such cases, the group will fly on regular flights or book a charter (but refuel the plane with biofuel).

    Coldplay World Tour will take place in 2022. The band will travel to the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, and Poland.

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