Climate-led famine and drought hit Madagascar: people eat cactuses

    02 Nov 2021

    Prolonged heat has ruined agriculture and dried up rivers in Madagascar. The starving population feeds on cacti and livestock feed, The Independent states.

    Such a drought on the island happened for the first time in the last 40 years. In the south of Madagascar, some people died of hunger. The UN named them the first victims of global warming.

    Sometimes people cannot find even cacti because these unpretentious plants lack moisture, writes the media.

    Madagascar became the first country in the world to face massive famine due to the climate crisis. The drought has been going on for four years.

    According to the latest data, there are 30,000 villagers on the island who feed on insects.

    The East African island is on the brink of becoming the first climate change-induced famine, reports Rory Sullivan.

    People in Madagascar have been forced to eat cattle feed and cacti to avoid starvation, as the country’s worst drought in decades has caused devastating food shortages.

    The world must wake up to the climate crisis, which is causing catastrophes like the current drought in southern Madagascar, charities have urged.

    The warning comes in the run-up to the crucial Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow, where world leaders will meet to discuss the most pressing issue of our time.


    According to the United Nations, Madagascar is on the brink of experiencing the world’s first “climate change famine.” Read the full story here.

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