Technology, water and peace: Azerbaijan’s vision for Cop29 revealed
    28 Jan 2024

    Azerbaijan will put pollution, water shortages and the need to help poorer countries get their hands on clean technology top of the agenda when it hosts Cop29 later this year, The National has been told. Taking place in Baku in November, the government wants to send a signal of peace to the region after an exchange of olive […]

    Flame-retardant chemicals found in TVs and cars ‘pose global threat to wildlife’

    More than 150 species of wildlife around the world, ranging from belugas to butterflies, are at risk due to contamination from chemicals used in flame-retardant materials, a study said. Research carried out by the Green Science Policy Institute found that these chemicals have reached wildlife across every continent, affecting species on land and in the oceans, such as killer whales, red […]

    UAE launches new cloud-seeding campaign to boost rainfall

    The UAE has launched a month-long cloud-seeding campaign aimed at improving technologies used to boost rainfall across the country. The National Centre of Meteorology has joined forces with Stratton Park Engineering Company, a US-based climate research specialist, to conduct key experiments. The Cloudix initiative – cloud-aerosol-electrical interactions for rainfall enhancement experiment – will capture the effectiveness of various cloud-seeding […]

    Cop28 to focus on delivering real results for global south

    Cop28 President-delegate Dr Sultan Al Jaber has reaffirmed the need to reform climate finance and international financial institutions (IFIs). Dr Al Jaber, also UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, made the comments during a virtual address at the meeting of G77 + China ministers and high authorities of environment, science, technology and innovation on Tuesday. “With 80 per cent of the global […]

    UK net-zero goals could be missed due to government inertia

    The UK’s climate change watchdog has warned the government will fail to hit its net-zero targets unless immediate action is taken. In its 15th annual report, the Climate Change Committee said it has lost confidence in the UK’s ability to meet its pledges due to inertia on pushing ahead with key initiatives, including installing heat […]

    Updated energy plan and hydrogen strategy affirm UAE’s commitment to sustainable economy

    The updated version of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy will boost the Emirates’ commitment towards achieving sustainable economic and social development, said Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and Cop28 President-designate. The initiatives aim to strengthen the UAE’s climate action efforts, reduce emissions and mitigate the repercussions of […]

    New alliance to develop UAE carbon market

    A new coalition of UAE companies has been established to develop and grow a carbon market in the Emirates. The newly established UAE Carbon Alliance, launched by the UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators (UICCA), will help support the transition of companies to a green economy, as set out in the UAE Net Zero by 2050 […]

    Abu Dhabi takes 172 million single-use plastic bags out of circulation in one year

    Abu Dhabi has reduced the number of single-use plastic bags in circulation by 172 million since an emirate-wide ban came into effect a year ago, authorities said on Tuesday. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said this amounted to 450,000 bags being taken out of use each day since June 1 last year, in a boost for the capital’s […]

    Fish move to colder waters as a result of global warming

    Rising ocean temperatures are forcing fish to move to colder water or to dive deeper, scientists said on Wednesday. Many species are moving from equatorial areas and higher water temperatures to find new homes closer to either the north or south poles, researchers found. The University of Glasgow study raises questions about the knock-on effects that the move […]

    Abu Dhabi launches first all-electric waste collection lorry

    Abu Dhabi has unveiled its first all-electric waste collection lorry to help boost the UAE’s drive towards a net-zero future. Abu Dhabi Waste Management, better known as Tadweer, has teamed up with Renault Trucks Middle East and Al Masaood Group to launch the eco-friendly vehicle. It will be operated by Tadweer to collect household waste […]