Biodiversity & Natural reserves

    Top Emirati environmentalist urges action over global biodiversity collapse

    The managing director of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency on December 7 urged the international community to take action to prevent global biodiversity loss, which she often said “plays second fiddle” to the issue of climate change in international agreements. Speaking at an online event hosted by the Emirates Society and attended by Arab News, […]

    Visitors flocking to rare bird collection in Riyadh’s Salam Park

    Visitors are flocking to Salam Park’s bird garden, part of Riyadh Season’s 14 zones, where colorful exotic parrots have found a new home. The zone, which opened on Nov. 19, has been well received by visitors, with thousands of people marveling at the winged creatures on display. Visitors can find more than 50 different bird […]

    Saudi Arabia approves new authority for the Red Sea amid more steps to develop and protect it

    Saudi Arabia is taking more steps to develop and protect the Red Sea, which the Kingdom deems to be a big contributor to the growth of its tourism industry, Arab News reports. The Saudi Cabinet approved on Tuesday the establishment of a new body to protect the coral reefs and sea turtles in the Red […]

    ‘These salt marshes saved my life’: how nature is helping mental health

    Green social prescribing, where people are referred to nature projects, on the rise across UK, The Guardian states. “It sounds dramatic, but this place saved my life,” says Wendy Turner, looking out over the Steart salt marshes in Somerset. “I am really loving the colours of all the marsh grasses at the moment, and the […]

    5 “blue forests” that are vital to life on Earth

    When you think of a forest, chances are you picture trees rising high above you, leaves crunching underfoot. But there are some very different types of forest – in and under the water – that are just as beautiful and just as precious. While they don’t all contain trees, these so-called blue forests are essential […]

    Reconnecting with nature: eco-awareness initiative in Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq

    Artists and photographers were flocking to Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq on 27 November to reconnect with nature in an environmental awareness initiative. The ‘Live: ECO-ART’ is the brainchild of educator, environmental enthusiast, and self-taught artist Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya. She has conducted a series of workshops, demonstrations, and talks over the year […]

    Qatargas completes environmental project to protect Qatar’s marine biodiversity

    Qatargas, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Qatar University (QU), has stewarded a unique Coral Management Programme (CMP) focused on sustaining and preserving Qatar’s marine biodiversity. The program, aligned with the Environmental Developmental Pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030, comprises Artificial Reef Deployment and Coral Relocation as well as the […]

    What’s being done to protect Qatar’s coral reefs

    In the wake of increasing concerns over the depletion of coral reefs around the world, QatarGas has partnered with local entities to take action, Doha News reports. The world’s largest liquified natural gas firm, QatarGas says its working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Qatar University (QU) to implement strategies to protect […]

    Thames is no longer a dead place: there are sharks and seals again. In 1957, the river was declared “biologically dead”

    Specialists of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) have been monitoring the ecology of the Thames and its estuary for many years. In 1957, the river was declared “biologically dead”, but already in the 1990s, the situation began to improve, National Geographic states. In the early 2000s, the Thames Marine Mammal Sightings Survey (TMMSS) program […]

    Nearly 20 species of wild plants present at Salalah Creek Reserve in Oman

    Featuring more than 70 species of exotic and protected birds, and with stunning views of the Arabian Sea, the Khor Salalah Nature Reserve is a place nature enthusiasts must visit when they are in Oman. An oasis of greenery in the midst of residential neighborhoods, the reserve is managed by the Office for the Conservation […]