A computer game to develop sustainable development acknowledgement

    07 Jun 2021

    Introducing LinCity-NG – a computer game to strengthen sustainable development skills.

    LinCity-NG is a game that simulates the life of a real city. This is an improved version of the classic Lincity game. In the game you have to establish and maintain a city. You can win the game either by creating a sustainable economy or by evacuating all citizens on spaceships.

    Lincity is a free computer game, an urban simulator created in the likeness of SimCity, the rights to which were then privately owned. It’s distributed for free.

    LinCity-NG gamers need to build a city, just like SimCity. The goal is to bring the happiness of citizens to a decent level and keep the economy profitable. The course of the game is calm and verified. You can build your perfect dream city for days and months.

    In addition to economic indicators, you will also need to monitor the environment, science and education, as well as production.

    The victory in the game is the achievement of a sustainable economy, after which you can continue the game. The second goal is to build a spacecraft to evacuate the entire population to another planet. In games of this genre, graphics are of secondary importance, it is rather a nice addition, but not the main thing. The graphics in LinCity-NG are as simple and clear as possible.

    You lose the game if all citizens die of starvation or pollution (the game requires at least two people to create a population).

    You’ll need to increase your technical level to get new possible buildings and industries. You have to manage population growth and take care of different needs and economic balance.

    Download the game.

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