A brief introduction to “sustainable” gifts

    19 May 2021

    Let’s imagine that we are looking for the perfect gifts for mom, dad, grandparents, and maybe even a cat or dog.

    Before you buy something in the store or on the sites, it is important to take a break and think: how many times will this thing be used? Is this gift useful? And is it ecological?

    Thankfully to brilliant info-resources like O-Zero we have a guide to the perfect gifts, which include caring for loved ones and the environment.

    Keep in mind that when items are donated unnecessarily they’re thrown away together with disposable packaging. Gifts of this kind don’t benefit either people or the environment.

    Western people can buy goods because the words such as “eco-friendly”, “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly” are written on the packaging. Such labels mislead customers, because without proper certification, these words mean nothing.

    In order to choose a truly safe and environmentally friendly product, you need to know if it is sustainable.

    Sustainable is a term common in Western countries. It means that the resources to create the product have been used in such a way as not to harm the planet and preserve a clean environment for future generations.

    Let’s check some simple recommendations that will help and facilitate the choice of gifts.

    Choose in advance.

    Our lives are racing at the speed of a Falcon rocket. Maybe that’s why we choose to buy, e.g., in the last two days before the holiday and often make the wrong choice. Before choosing gifts, ask the person: what does it dream about? Does it have a wishlist? Buy gifts only when you know that the person needs them and will use them.

    Change the format of gifts.

    Not only physical things can be great gifts. Give emotions. This can be a subscription to a useful service or online lessons. Remote format is a 2021 trend.

    Think globally, buy local!

    Always support sustainable local brands. Prefer social or family business.

    Environmental friendly packaging.

    Every year, billions of gifts are wrapped in new disposable paper, which is thrown away the next day. Invent your own sustainable type of packaging, e.g., from newspapers, magazines or handkerchiefs.

    Do not limit your imagination!

    Gifts are sustainable if they are made of:

    * recycled materials (decor items made of recycled glass or paper);

    * organic and certified ingredients;

    * easily renewable materials;

    * without ingredients of animal origin and which are not tested on animals.

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