The British startup produces harmless plastic that decomposes into wax

    07 Nov 2021

    The British startup Polymateria, which invented biodegradable plastic technology, sold it to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this material. The manufacturers claim that the process does not require additional equipment.

    Founded in 2015, the company has created a material that does not break down into plastic microparticles, but turns into the wax. It is then processed by fungi and bacteria, according to Bloomberg.

    The material can be used to make a thin food film and harder items – containers and packaging for beverages. The manufacturer adds various chemicals, oils, and rubbers to its plastic.

    Polymateria emphasizes that a thin package of its material decomposes in 226 days, and the usual package – 1 thousand years.

    Now the company is actively promoting in Asia. The technology was bought by a large plastic manufacturer Formosa Plastics. Polymateria also signed an agreement in Taiwan with a supplier of the popular chain of stores, 7-Eleven.

    Although biodegradable plastic technology is gaining popularity, many scientists believe that this is not a panacea. According to scientists, this does not solve the problem of garbage and may even deepen.


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