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    Suhail Al Mazrouei, Israeli Minister of Energy sign MoU at Expo 2020 Dubai
    25 Nov 2021

    Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said the UAE is continuing to cooperate with various international players in the energy sector, most notably in the area of clean energy, to make it a model of leading the global efforts in the renewable energy sector. Al Mazrouei made this statement during his […]

    World Future Energy Summit 2022 to showcase global advances in Water, Smart Cities, and Climate & Environment

    The prestigious energy and sustainability-focused global platform, World Future Energy Summit 2022, hosted by Masdar as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, will hold three sustainable development events for the benefit of project owners, government entities and investors in the Middle East region, WAM reports. The Water Expo & Forum, the Smart Cities Forum, and […]

    Turkey on the precipice of climate disaster as lakes dry and forests burn
    25 Oct 2021

    As climate conference Cop26 approaches, Turkey should be doing more to help its environment, experts say. Let’s check the National News article on this issue. From a distance, eastern Turkey’s White Lake still looks wet. A greenish residue left behind by its waters creates a mirage from the hills above, but get closer and all […]

    After subsidy cuts price them out of diesel, Egyptian farmers in Qena turn to solar energy for groundwater
    27 Sep 2021

    Under the scorching heat of Upper Egypt, between lands that vibrate in hues of green and lands awash in barren drabness, a modest house stands in the mountains of Garah. Let’s read the Madamasr story about what’s behind this house. This report was published with the Médias Indépendants sur Le Monde Arabe and Orient XXI. […]

    Five easy steps you can take to protect our ocean

    There are several small lifestyle choices you can make to help protect marine life and make a big difference for our oceans. The ocean cover over 71% of our planet and are home to almost a million species, making it a vital source of food and income for over 800 million people globally. It also […]

    China in the neo-colonial race for Africa: newcomers lucky?

    China is a relatively new investor and a specific investor. Along with the Russian and American models of building loyalist blocs in the international arena, China has developed its unique algorithm for economic expansion without being burdened by shared historical memory or the demands of democratic transformation. However, it is essential that potential partners do […]

    Oman: environmental issues to be addressed in Vision 2040

    Oman Vision 2040 stated that the Sultanate has made unremitting efforts to ensure that natural resources are protected and used safely and soundly, people are protected from harmful environmental impacts, and that environment is effectively managed in a way that supports the prosperity of the society. For this, the Vision’s top priorities include concern for […]

    Water and climate: Key environmental challenges facing the Middle East

    The Middle East and North Africa face a host of major environmental challenges, from water scarcity and food insecurity to climate change adaptation.  Let’s get acquainted with the Middle East Institute (Washington-based) interviews on these topics. In conjunction with MEI’s Climate Week 2021 events, this institution asked experts and scholars to weigh in with their […]