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    Steppe soils are a blessing for humanity, but humans use them for the destruction of natural ecosystems

    Great catastrophes come from human’s unwillingness to comply with the laws of nature, from his reluctance to understand that hunger cannot be quenched by ravaging the earth. Jean Dorst, French zoologist.   Let’s continue the conversation about whether agriculture can harm wildlife started in my previous column. Looking ahead, we will answer this question. It […]

    Living organisms form the global state of the planet

    “The daily lives of so many people pass among the dead creations of their hands that they have lost the ability to understand living creatures.” Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist, Nobel Prize winner.   Let’s continue our acquaintance with how living organisms have formed ecosystems on the planet, on the example of the steppes. I thank […]

    Steppes: the last islands of nature

    The last islands of wildlife are hidden among the network of cities and industrial giants of Eurasia. These are the last pearls of the once majestic ecosystem. Let’s talk today about the steppes. I thank eco-activist Oleksiy Burkovsky and zoologist Oleksiy Vasyliuk, the screenwriters of the documentary “Torsky Steppes,” for helpful information. Global conditions on […]

    Should we plant a trillion trees around the world to save the nature?

    In the previous article, we talked about how agriculture has a detrimental effect on ecosystems, especially the last steppes in Europe. Let us now dwell in more detail on some of the harmful practices of agriculture. Oleksiy Vasyliuk, a zoologist and chairman of the UNCG NGO, helps us with this. Pesticides There is an eco-movements […]

    Can agriculture not harm wildlife?

    Let’s continue the conversation about why wildlife is important. Oleksiy Vasyliuk, a zoologist from Ukraine and chairman of the UNCG NGO, helped us with consultations. You may read the beginning of the conversation about the reasons for desertification here. The reasons for the loss of biodiversity described in the previous article are interrelated. Loss of […]

    Invisible turning of the Earth into the desert: can we avoid it?

    Let’s continue our explanation of what desertification is and why it can be “invisible.” I am thankful to zoologist Oleksiy Vasyliuk, the head of the UNCG NGO, for the brilliant advice. There are many adaptations and interpretations of the story of Easter Island. There, as a result of human impact on the environment, civilization perished. […]