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    Qatari mass fish farming project to produce 600 tonnes of tilapia annually

    Qatar’s environment ministry has launched an initiative that aims to produce over 600 tonnes of tilapia fish annually in a mass fish farming project. More than 600 tonnes of tilapia fish are expected to be produced as part of a Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) project, Doha News reports. The National Initiative for Farming […]

    Five easy steps you can take to protect our ocean

    There are several small lifestyle choices you can make to help protect marine life and make a big difference for our oceans. The ocean cover over 71% of our planet and are home to almost a million species, making it a vital source of food and income for over 800 million people globally. It also […]

    Fish and seafood vs. environmental protection

    Recently, more and more research is proving the vast amount of greenhouse gases and other environmental tragedies that result from the production of animal products. The United Nations points out in its report that approximately 37% of air emissions come from the food industry, which forces livestock in large areas in need of mass deforestation. […]