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    Are clothes made from recycled materials really more sustainable?

    A growing number of brands are switching to recycled fibers but experts worry people may believe their purchases are impact-free – when that’s far from true. We’ve found for you an explanation by The Guardian what is wright and what is wrong in this sphere. Woven into your clothes is a material that takes on […]

    International board set-up to tackle ‘greenwashing’ by companies
    15 Nov 2021

    A new international body will oversee companies’ environmental policies to ensure investors are not being duped by false sustainability claims known as ‘greenwashing’. The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) was revealed at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, and is expected to commence work next year. It will have offices in Montreal, London and […]

    Organic, eco and bio: how to recognize the advertising process in product labeling

    Let’s learn how to distinguish organic products from non-organic, without falling for a new trick of marketers called “greenwashing.” In stores for such kind of goods sometimes allocate whole shelves. It happens that the entire market is ready to vouch for the environmental friendliness of goods, adding to its name the prefix “ECO.” But are […]

    Unshakable foundations: how fashion with the prefix “sustainable” develops

    Fashion causes significant environmental damage to the planet. Let’s get to know what local and global brands are doing about it and what problems sustainability solves, according to Forbes Life. What is sustainability The world started talking seriously about the harmful influence of humanity on nature in the second half of the 20th century. In […]

    “Planet of the Humans” by Michael Moore: a story about America’s great greenwashing

    Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day, Michael Moore, executive producer, and the director Jeff Gibbs re-released their daunting and alarming documentary about the heart and soul of America’s Green Movement in a compelling film: “Planet of the Humans” (2019). Let’s check Robert Hunziker’s review of this film for Countercurrents. He’s MA, economic history DePaul University, […]