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    Ministry removes 125 tonnes of waste from northern beaches of Qatar

    The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Beaches and Islands Department of the General Cleanliness Department, completed the first phase of the campaign to clean the northern and northwestern beaches, starting from Aba Zulouf Park to Al Reem Reserve, Qatar-Tribune reports.     The campaign resulted in the collection and removal of large quantities of […]

    New Year without garbage: how to celebrate the main holiday without harming nature?

    The New Year and Christmas holidays are perhaps the most waste-generating period of the year. Shops, shop windows, streets, offices, entrances and, of course, apartments are decorated… maybe, too much decorated by the unnecessary things? Let’s make it clear, reading the Sher.media article.   What’s wrong with the New Year? Of course, the celebration as […]

    Bee’ah Tandeef launches UAE’s first used cooking oil recycling program for communities

    Bee’ah Tandeef has launched a used cooking oil recycling service to reduce the negative impact of typical disposal methods while contributing to a zero-waste future, WAM reports. In homes, used cooking oil is usually poured down the drain. It stresses plumbing systems, creates clogs, and ultimately leads to expensive, time-consuming maintenance work for municipalities and […]

    Campers in Saudi Arabia enjoy cool weather, host friends and families in nature
    01 Jan 2022

    Camping weekends have long been a favorite winter pastime for Saudis, who erect their own tents or rent shelters in popular wilderness areas. But this year the experience will be different, with campers requiring a special permit issued for the purpose of “preserving vegetation,” according to Abdul Rahman Al-Dakheel, a spokesman for the National Center […]

    Turkey becomes Europe’s dumping ground for illegal plastic waste

    Illegal plastic waste from the UK and Germany is dumped in Turkey where it is polluting the Mediterranean, says Greenpeace, Middle East Eye states. The UK and Germany have continued to illegally export non-recyclable plastic waste to Turkey, where it is burnt at landfill sites and pollutes the environment, a Greenpeace investigation revealed in May, […]

    The pact signed to strengthen environmental regulation in SEZs, free zones in Oman

    The Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ) and the Environment Authority (EA) signed on December 12 a technical cooperation programme aimed at strengthening and developing cooperation in environmental aspects in the special economic zones and free zones. The agreement was signed by Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Chairman – OPAZ, […]

    Emirates Environmental Group completes the last leg of ‘Clean Up UAE’ in Ras Al Khaimah

    After igniting the torch of a “Clean and Green” environment, in all the six emirates of the UAE, the 20th edition of “Clean Up UAE Campaign” organised by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), concluded the last leg in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah on 16th December. The “Clean Up UAE Campaign” was conducted under […]

    The number of gadgets thrown into landfills has reached the weight of the Great Wall of China

    Experts estimate that by the end of 2021 year, people will send 57.4 million tons of electronics to landfills. This number of gadgets outweighs the heaviest artificial object – the Great Wall of China, BBC reports. The global amount of electro-clutter increases by 3-4% or 2 million tons per year. This was reported by experts […]

    Omani be’ah closes first cell in Al Multaqa Engineered Landfill

    Oman Environmental Services Holding Company “be’ah” has completed the closure of the first cell in the Al Multaqa Engineered Landfill in Al Amerat. Times of Oman reports. This landfill cell closure is the first of its kind in the region. Landfill cell closure is carried out when a cell reaches its full capacity. The process […]

    Court, wood and toxic plastic: why smoking is not eco-friendly and what to do

    The tobacco industry is a lucrative, popular and harmful thing. Smoking is addictive and causes several severe diseases and many complications. Persuading smokers to give up harmful addictions is usually ungrateful. However, it is necessary to fight not only for the health of individuals but also for the state of the environment. Thanks to “Rubryka” […]