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    One of the world’s last two northern white rhinos dropped from race to save the species

    One of the world’s last two northern white rhinos, a mother and her daughter, is being retired from a breeding program aimed at saving the species from extinction, scientists said on October 19. Najin, 32, is the mother of Fatu. She is now the only donor left in the program, which aims to implant artificially […]

    How man killed all the rhinos

    Let’s get acquainted with the abstracts from the book “The Future of the Earth” by the famous American sociobiologist Edward Wilson. The whole text is a distress signal, a passionate appeal, and, at the same time, a concrete plan of action. Showing the continuous process of extinction of various species of animals, plants, invertebrates, and […]

    US to declare 23 species, including ivory-billed woodpecker, extinct – media

    The ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 more birds, fish and other species will be declared extinct by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday, Reuters reported. Government scientists have exhausted efforts to find these 23 species and warned that climate change, on top of other pressures, could make such disappearances more common, the Associated Press […]

    The “sixth global extinction” has already begun, and its cause is humanity

    Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History,” was a “hit” in 2014 among the nature conservation community. The author received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction for the book in 2015. Its title will intrigue those unfamiliar with the most recent theories of mass extinction. Kolbert (born 1961) is an American journalist, author, […]

    September 1 – Day of Remembrance of Species Exterminated by humanity

    On this day, in 1914, at the Cincinnati Zoo, USA, died the last migratory pigeon – the most massive species of animals ever destroyed by man. “What’s so special about it?” – the reader can ask after the statistics resulted nearby. The fact is that the story of the destruction of the wandering pigeon most […]

    The rate of biodiversity loss is growing

    Throughout the history of the Earth, there have been several mass extinctions of animals. But humanity has turned the last of them into a process of unprecedented scale. Let’s check the zoologist, Ph.D. on zoology Vilaly Gryshchenko’s opinion about it. Throughout the existence of the Earth’s biosphere, some species of living beings have appeared, others […]

    Big problems of big animals: how our ancestors managed to extinct entire species

    Humankind lived not in harmony with nature. It destroyed megafauna wherever it appeared, even in primitive times. Let’s get acquainted with zoologist, Ph.D. in zoology Vitaly Gryshchenko’s opinion on how we, humans, become one of the reasons for the disappearance of mammoths and other species. *** Ernest Hemingway wrote in The Green Hills of Africa: […]