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    Expanding Basic Services to Poor Neighbourhoods in Basra, Iraq

    The European Union supports UN-Habitat to expand basic services to poor neighbourhoods in Basra City, Iraq-Business News states. The last 18 months have highlighted the importance of access to safe potable water, sanitation, waste management, and hygienic conditions to prevent and protect human health during disease outbreaks. Nearly 1.8 billion people world-wide live in inadequate […]

    Supporting Iraq’s local economic development through sustainable energy solutions – new projects launched
    24 Oct 2021

    Three innovative projects aimed at promoting sustainable energy solutions were launched today in partnership with the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Iraq and the governorates of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhok, Iraq-Business News states. The projects, which were designed by the individual governorates based on their strategic plans, come at a […]

    Easy deal. How hydrogen has turned from an anachronism into a global trend
    11 Oct 2021

    Everything new is well forgotten old. Remember the photo of electric cars of the early twentieth century? For decades, people believed that autonomous electric vehicles were an anachronism that died just after birth due to inconvenience in use. But now, electric cars have become commonplace. Moreover, the European Commission has already announced that from 2035 […]

    Transatlantic Climate Action in the Gulf and Great-Power Competition
    07 Aug 2021

    This piece is part of the series “All About China” – a journey into the history and diverse culture of China through short articles that shed light on the lasting imprint of China’s past encounters with the Islamic world as well as an exploration of the increasingly vibrant and complex dynamics of contemporary Sino-Middle Eastern […]

    Three billion trees are planned to be planted in the EU by 2030

    In the European Union’s Nature Restoration Plan, set out in the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy to 2030: bringing nature back to our lives (part of the European Green Course), one of the key commitments by 2030 is to plant three billion trees to increase the number of forests and improve their health and resilience. The trees […]

    The EU aims to ban the sale of cars on gasoline and diesel from 2035
    17 Jul 2021

    The EU plans to ban the sale of cars with diesel and gasoline engines from 2035. This is provided by the program to combat climate change until 2050, called Fit for 55, which the European Commission presented on July 15, Deutsche Welle reports. These measures are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in all segments […]

    EU unveils sustainable finance strategy to tackle climate change
    12 Jul 2021

    The European Commission presented a strategy for sustainable financing to combat climate change and the European standard for “green” bonds. Also, it adopted a delegated regulation regarding the disclosure of information by financial and non-financial companies about the degree of stability of their activities. “A sustainable finance strategy is key to leveraging private finance to […]

    The EU bans the sale of disposable plastic products

    From July 3, disposable products made of plastic should completely disappear from sale in the European Union. This is provided by the EU directive banning plastic utensils adopted in 2019, the dpa news agency reports. The ban came into force on disposable spoons, forks, knives, plates, drinking straws, cotton swabs, sticks for stirring, and holding […]

    EU to exclude deforestation products from the supply chain – European Commissioner

    The European Commission plans to launch a deforestation initiative in September that will remove deforestation-related products from the supply chain to the European Union. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Environment, Ocean and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevicius in an interview with Euronews. “Shortly after the summer break, in September, we are going to present […]

    The EU and Japan have agreed to form a “green” alliance
    03 Jun 2021

    The European Union and Japan will create a “green” alliance to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, European commission reports. Such agreements were reached by the countries during the EU-Japan bilateral summit. “Today we have reached a new milestone: the green alliance between the EU and Japan,” said European Council President Charles Michel on Thursday at […]