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    Paris electric scooters speed will be limited to 10 km/h – but only for rental vehicles

    The municipality of the French capital has ordered electric scooter rental operators to limit their maximum speed to 10 km/h. The decision was made after the number of injuries to pedestrians increased, TechCrunch reports. Paris is quite an attractive city for electric scooters, primarily due to a well-developed network of bike paths. 16 different companies […]

    Stockholm will halve the number of electric scooters. Why is it difficult for cities to adapt to them?

    For decades, attempts have been made to improve the infrastructure for bicycles in this city. Almost immediately, an explosion in the popularity of electric scooters happened, which required other rules. From January 1, 2022, Stockholm authorities, Sweden, will reduce the number of rental electric scooters by almost half – from 23 thousand to 12 thousand. […]

    Micromobility – a new post-pandemic trend

    Half a thousand electric scooters were recently found at the bottom of the Rhine in Cologne, Germany. Their batteries contain cobalt, nickel, copper, and various acids. They can leak, and toxic substances will get into the water. This can offset the benefits of no emissions while driving these vehicles. However, the Mexican inventor Juanho Villegas […]