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    The balance between “slow life” and “modern world”: is it our common future?

    Some countries of the Persian Gulf are an example of how countries of a “temperate” climate will live if all forests and historically formed ecosystems are destroyed. In such a hypothetical (and apocalyptic) case, Europe, for example, would have to desalinate water, live in artificially air-conditioned cities, and grow fruits and vegetables not in open-air […]

    Opinion: What’s the difference between the coronavirus crisis and the degrowth perspective?

    Will the planet be saved by the “anti-growth” of the world economy? We’ve started this discussion from the arguments of “pro-growth” authors. But we’ve got opposite thoughts: there are plenty of opinions justifying the concept of degrowth. Let’s check the Degrowth.info editorial team article. Degrowth advocates for a general slowdown and large emissions reductions, minus […]

    Opinion: can the “anti-growth” of the world economy save the planet?

    Will the planet be saved by the “anti-growth” of the world economy? The idea looks tempting, but some experts prove that it’s wrong. Let’s check Knife arguments against it. Supporters of the idea of anti-growth believe that the main reason for environmental pollution is the irrepressible desire of mankind for economic development and enrichment. Andrew […]